EyeTV v2.5: Stream your favorite TV Shows to your iPhone over Wi-Fi

You might have read early last week on how to stream music, videos and movies from your iTunes Library to your iPhone for free. However, the iPhone trick was not for the faint hearted.

In case it got you interested but you couldn’t get it to work you might want to check out another option that has been released by Elgato called EyeTV.

Elgato Systems has developed number of award-winning solutions for the Mac and is known for the EyeTV software which together with compatible hardware, turns your Mac into both a TV and a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). They have just released the latest version of their EyeTV software i.e. v2.5 (free for existing customers) which now offers video streaming.

EyeTV software gave an option to users to watch, record and schedule TV on their Macs and even export your recordings to the iPhone however with the latest version they have made it even better by allowing you to access the EyeTV recordings straight from your Mac to an iPhone over Wi-Fi. If you want to reduce the time spent on Wi-Fi conversion you should look at buying Elgato’s turbo.264 graphics accelerator.

So if you are one of those who finds the 8GB (or 4GB) on your iPhone limiting then streaming over Wi-Fi is an excellent solution to watch your favorite TV Shows, Videos and Music recordings without the need to copy them on your iPhone. EyeTV software will set you back by 79.95€ and it currently only works on Mac OS 10.4 or later.

There was some confusion with regards to the need to buy EyeConnect from ElGato for an additional cost of 49.95€ but one of their Customer Service member was quick to clarify that a special version of EyeConnect is already part of EyeTV 2.5 installation which can be used for free.

Erica Sudan over at Tuaw has written an excellent hands-on guide to setup EyeTV on your Mac so that you can access your recordings on your iPhone not just by streaming locally but also on what needs to be done to access your videos on your iPhone remotely over Wi-Fi. Follow this link to check it out.

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