Add Unlimited Custom Ringtones to your iPhone with iToner v1.0.3 NOW compatible with iPhone OS v1.1.1

iPhone iToner

If you have been a regular reader @ iPhone Hacks you would have observed that in the iPhone hacking world; every time we have a new major firmware update from Apple we seem to be getting into a vicious cycle, it starts with Jailbreaking, then unlocking and eventually figuring out a way to install the cool but unauthorized iPhone applications.

One of the victims of the now infamous iPhone OS v1.1.1 were the iPhone applications that allowed you to add custom ringtones to your iPhone; one of those applications was iToner. Ambrosia SW maker’s of iToner have just released the latest version of iToner which is compatible with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

In case you are not already aware of iToner, then the process of adding custom ringtones on your iPhone using the iToner can be described in three words after you plug in the iPhone: i.e. drag, drop and sync; it is as simple as that. All you need to do is to drop the audio files on an iPhone-like interface and click on the sync button to add them as custom ringtones to your iPhone.

The best part about the iPhone application is you don’t need any hacking, modifying or soldering to get it to work and Ambrosia has time and again been able to get their application to work with the latest iPhone OS.

The iToner costs $15 but that is a one-time fee you pay for future freedom to add unlimited ringtones to your iPhone rather than having to pay Apple 99c for each additional song you want to use as a ringtone on your iPhone. iToner is currently only available for MAC OS X.

For those you had kept the faith with Ambrosia enjoy the latest version of iToner v1.0.3, and those of you who haven’t tried it as yet, click here to check it out.

Congratulations Ambrosia SW for getting iToner to work with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

Update: iToner 1.0.6 works with iPhone firmware 1.1.3.

Screenshots of iToner UI interface below: