Several Third-Party iPhone Hacks and Apps ported to iPhone 1.1.1 and working fine

iPhone Hacked 1.1.1

Activity on the iPhone hacking front is moving at a frantic pace. Yesterday when I had written about iPhone hackers being able to jailbreak into iPhone firmware 1.1.1 I had mentioned that the iPhone Dev Team were having problems porting third-party iPhone apps and running them from iPhone’s SpringBoard (home screen).

Not anymore as iPhone hacker asap18 has managed to port several unauthorized third-party iPhone applications to firmware 1.1.1 and they are reported to be working fine.

Though it is still early days for the iPhone Dev Team to release a tool that will make it easier to jailbreak your iPhone running on the latest firmware, they are working hard behind the scenes to get all the third-party iPhone applications working on the latest firmware (see iPhone Hacks, iPhone Hackers have been able to Jailbreak iPhone firmware 1.1.1).

As mentioned earlier, iPhone hacker asap18 who was also attributed to the success of jailbreaking the iPhone has managed to port several unauthorized third-party iPhone applications to firmware 1.1.1. Apparently so far only 15 icons can be added this way as the last spot seems to be reserved for iTunes.

The iPhone apps have been tested and working fine. In addition to this he has also figured out an option for International capabilities in  iPhone’s home screen which probably will help in foreign language support for iPhone Applications which is something that will be required as the iPhone is expected to be launched in Germany and France fairly soon. (Read this article for more details on iPhone’s Europe launch, Orange in France, T-Mobile in Germany, O2 in UK are exclusive Carrier Partners for Apple’s iPhone).

Porting the iPhone applications and getting them to work is an amazing achievement by the iPhone hacking genius after considering the fact that Apple engineers had infact added extra protection to the home screen by creating a list of approved identifiers in iPhone firmware 1.1.1.

However, as for mortals like us it is advicable to wait for a tool which will help you to jailbreak your iPhone and also to install these third-party iPhone applications.

So what does it mean for you if you have an iPhone running on firmware 1.1.1?

It clearly means that you should soon be able to install the cool third-party applications on the iPhone like iPhone owners were able to install and enjoy on firmware 1.0.2.

What does it mean for you if you have an unlocked iPhone running on firmware 1.0.2?

This is currently applicable for all those who have iPhone 1.1.1 who want to install iPhone hacks; you are already aware that there is a risk of bricking your unlocked iPhone if you update to firmware 1.1.1 so the recommendation for you folks is still the same, do NOT update your iPhone firmware until the iPhone Dev Team have figured out a way to unlock iPhone 1.1.1.

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[via Tuaw]
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