Apple imposes limits on iPhone sales to probably clamp down on iPhone Unlocking

Even though Apple numbers for the iPhone seemed to have been towards the high end of analysts expectations thanks to the 250k unlocked iPhones, they seem to be leaving no stone unturned in their cat and mouse game against iPhone hackers.

Their last firmware update v1.1.1 had given quite a body blow to the iPhonce hacking effort though the latest is that the hackers are back on top with the unlocking methods also released for iPhone OS v1.1.1.

Apple is now looking to crack down on the resale of iPhones by
restricting iPhone sales to just 2 per customer from 5 and only
allowing you to buy them if you have a card.

However, Apple spokeman as quoted by Associated Press says that the
reason behind this move was to “ensure that there are enough iPhones
for people who are shopping for themselves or buying a gift.”

So it means that Apple is either running into supply problems with the
iPhone going into the holiday season or as mentioned earlier; Apple is
trying to clamp down on the unauthorized resellers who are unlocking
the iPhone to sell them in countries outside of United States where it
is still not available but unlocked iPhones constituted to roughly 18%
of the iPhone sales so far.

I am not sure if its good news either way you look at it.

It will be good to hear your thoughts on Apple’s latest move in the comments.