TouchCopy Enables Disk Mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch

iPhone TouchCopy

Are you missing the Disk mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

If you have been a regular here at iPhone Hacks you must be wondering, wasn’t iPhoneDrive from Ecamm Network the answer to that question. Ye but only partly as it was only for Mac users.

The wait for PC users is finally over as Wide Angle Software has released TouchCopy which enables Disk mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch so that you can use the unused storage on your iPhone or iPod Touch for file storage like a thumb to backup data or transfer between PCs or simply as an external hard drive.

Wide Angle Software are the same folks who had bought iPodCopy to use your earlier generation iPods in disk mode.

TouchCopy allows you to do a whole host of things with your iPhone, to begin with as mentioned earlier it lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as an external hard drive so you can copy files between your iPod and PC.

You can take a backup of your entire music, video, podcast collection on your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC at the touch of a button. You can also transfer songs, playlists and video from your iPod directly into iTunes.

You will also be able to search for a specific file on your iPod and then play it from your iPhone or iPod Touch directly on your PC.

So essentially you can do almost everything using TouchCopy without the need to have iTunes installed. Folks at Wide Angle Software claim that to achieve this they do not modify the iPhone firmware nor does it need to jailbreak the iPhone as it simply communicates with your iPod or iPod Touch in the same way that iTunes does.

I gave TouchCopy a test run and it worked exactly as described and was quite intuitive. So if you have lots of spare space on your iPhone or iPod Touch and looking to maximize on the storage available then using it as a thumb drive with the help of TouchCopy is a great option.

You can download a free 15-day demo of TouchCopy at this link. The fully registered version of the product will cost you $24.00.

As mentioned earlier, TouchCopy is currently available only for Windows users, Mac users in case you did not know you can check out iPhoneDrive which I had reviewed few weeks back.

Thanks Wide Angle Software for sending me the free registration key of TouchCopy.

You can check out the screenshot of TouchCopy’s UI below: