iPhone Firmware v1.1.2 & iTunes v7.5: Simple Hack to Add Custom Ringtones to your iPhone for Free is Back

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One of the readers over at Tuaw has figured out that with iTunes 7.5 and iPhone’s latest firmware v1.1.2 you can once again add custom ringtones to the your iPhone for free using the simple hack without requiring any unauthorized iPhone Applications like iToner or iPhone RingToneMaker or changing the value of a parameter in m4a metadata.

Details of the hack available after the jump.

All you need to do is take an m4a file rename it to m4r and add it
to iTunes. The file should show up as a ringtone on your iPhone when
you sync it with iTunes the next time.

Erica Sadun over at Tuaw has
tested this and confirms that it works though she mentions that some
have reported success using this method with tracks up to 40 seconds.

Another change that seems to have been introduced in the latest
update though still unconfirmed is that the ringtones now show up under
a separate "Custom" header while the standard ringtones are labelled
"Standard" (I am assuming here standard ringtones would be those which
come bundled with the iPhone).

It will be interesting to see if this was a regression bug which
will be fixed in subsequent iTunes or firmware updates or it is a
change of stance by Apple.

As always do let us know if it works for you in the comments for the benefit of fellow readers.

[via Tuaw]
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