iPhone Web App: Google revamps Homepage for iPhone

In case you have not yet noticed it, Google has revamped its homepage optimized for iPhone’s interface. The revamped version now has links to other Google applications optimized for the iPhone such as Calendar, Gmail and Reader on the top row.

If you are logged in and click on the any of the links, Google’s iPhone web-apps are displayed in a tab-style interface thus improving on the user experience in comparison to the older version.

The results of your search are displayed on the same page below the search bar and tapping on Images, Web, Local, and News links at the bottom of the search bar will display the relevant search results below the search bar.

The other feature that has been rolled out as part of the revamped version is that you now have a live "suggested searches" function that shows the popular searches, in real-time based on the input in the search field.

The latest update of its website for the iPhone seems to be Google’s attempt to give the webpages that were optimized for the iPhone an iPhone web-app kinda look and must say they have done a good job with it.

To check out the new version, visit Google.com from an iPhone.

Let me know what you think of Google’s new iPhone optimized homepage?

[via iPhone Atlas]