iPhone Dev team Releases Updated version of Official 1.1.3 Upgrader

Yesterday I had reported that the iPhone Dev team had released an automatic graphical method for upgrading to a jailbroken iPhone firmware v1.1.3 called "Official 1.1.3 Upgrader".

However, there have been several users reporting problems with the jailbreak method. The iPhone Dev team have been quick to address most of the issues in a new version of their automatic jailbreak method called “Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2?.

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Before I go into the details it is important to mention that before you jailbreak your iPhone, be sure to backup in iTunes so you can restore your iPhone if something goes terribly wrong and since I have not tried this method I am not in a position to confirm either way so do remember that hacking your iPhone is completely at your own risk.

The iPhone Dev team have released an updated version of the automatic graphical method for upgrading to a jailbroken iPhone firmware v1.1.3 called “Official 1.1.3 Upgrader” as several users having problems with the jailbreak method. The updated version is named “Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2? in Installer.app and many of the problems reported in the previous version can be resolved. It would be a good idea to try applying the new version and see if it resolves these issues though it might require you to start the jailbreak process over from the beginning.

Also go through some of the issues outlined by iPhone Atlas and corresponding fixes wherever possible:

  • “Main Script Error” when attempting to install apps through Installer.app – Make sure that Installer.app is updated to the latest version before applying the jailbreak.
  • Ringtones broken – Download “Ringtone Fix” from Installer.app.
  • Inability to use the Google “Locate Me” function – Try installing Navizon through Installer.app, running it once, then attempting the Google “Locate Me” function again. Or install “Locate Me” from Installer.app
  • Broken EDGE connectivity – Tap Settings, Tap General, Tap Reset, Tap Reset Network Settings. This will cause your iPhone to restart, and will delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more. It may, however, restore your ability to pair with and use Bluetooth devices. If this fails, try resetting all settings.
  • OpenSSH broken – Uninstall then reinstall this application and the BSD Subsystem via Installer.app.
  • Some third-party applications not working – Some applications have not yet been updated to work with firmware/software 1.1.3. These include “Customize” and “SummerBoard.”

Before you start the jailbreak process on your jailbroken iPhone/iPod
Touch v1.1.2 using the latest version of the jailbreak method it is advisable to take the some precautions such as
change the auto-lock settings to "Never" in order to prevent it from
shutting down the connection. Also ensure that you are connected via
Wi-Fi as the installer downloads a significant amount of data. Also
connect the charge cable to your iPhone.

So how do you get the latest version of the jailbreak method to work:

Simply launch Installer on your jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch v1.1.2, then go to “All Packages,” then select and install “Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2? (do remember its “Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2? and not “Official 1.1.3 upgrader?) which will result in all necessary files to be downloaded directly to the iPhone/iPod Touch and the jailbreak process automatically performed.

You guys have been terrific with the feedback so keep up the great work and let me know if you found the latest version of automatic jailbreak method better or the fixes for some of the issues seen earlier helpful for the benefit of fellow readers.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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