iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 & iTunes 7.6: Adding Custom Ringtones for Free

iPhone Hacks reader CerealKiller sent me a tip to remind me that the simple hack to add custom ringtones for free still works with iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and iTunes 7.6.

Adding custom ringtones has probably been one of the most popular ways to personalize the iPhone so I am sure you will find this iPhone hack very useful.

CerealKiller has also made an instructional video which provides a step-by-step guide on how to add custom ringtones to your iPhone running firmware 1.1.3 using iTunes 7.6.

With the launch of iTunes 7.4, Apple provided iPhone users the ability to add custom ringtones to their iPhone for an additional cost of 99c for a song if you already have it and in case you don’t then the cost of adding a ringtone for $1.98.

We have also seen programs like iToner for Mac and iPhone RingToneMaker for Windows which make it very easy to add unlimited custom ringtones to your iPhone, however each of these applications charge you a one-time fee.

We also have some free iPhone applications like SendSong  which have been very popular with iPhone owners, however it means that you need to Jailbreak iPhone and add the native iPhone applications which can be a deal breaker for folks not so technically inclined.

That’s why the iPhone hack which CerealKiller recommended is easily the best way to add custom ringtones to your iPhone. The two main reasons for this is it is simple (does not need you to be technically inclined) and you can add custom ringtones for free.

So how does the iPhone hack work?

It is based on the fact that iTunes differentiates a song file and a ringtone by the file extension. While we all knew that the song file extension was AAC; the file extension for Ringtones is "M4R".

The other observation has been that the song file should be less than 30 seconds in length to be recognized as a ringtone.

You can check out the YouTube video below by iPhone Hacks reader CerealKiller which demonstrates how to do this on your Mac (though the procedure on Windows will be similar):


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