Breaking News: Apple announces 16GB iPhone

After all the rumors and speculations, its finally official, Apple has announced a 16GB iPhone thus doubling the storage capacity. Along with the 16GB iPhone, Apple has also announced a 32GB iPod Touch.

Lets face when Apple launched the 16 GB iPod Touch it was quite imminent that we would soon have a 16 GB iPhone. The 16GB iPhone is priced at $499, in addition to the 8GB iPhone for $399. The 32GB iPod Touch is priced at $499, in addition to the 16GB iPod Touch for $399 and the 8GB iPod Touch for $299.

Though there are no additional features in these models, I hear they will come pre-loaded with firmware v1.1.3, and the good news is that the 32GB iPod Touch will include the $20 software upgrade which adds Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes which was announced in Steve Jobs Keynote Address.

If you are interested in upgrading from your 4GB or 8GB iPhone then more details are available after the jump.

Here are some more details which you might find useful in case you want to upgrade to the 16GB iPhone:

  • If you have recently bought an iPhone (14 or fewer days ago) then you can return it in exchange for a 16GB model for $100 more.
  • In case you have opened the iPhone, then you will be charged an additional 10 percent as restocking fee (common practice followed by Apple).
  • You do not need to sign a new contract, apparently all you need to do is use the SIM card with the current contract from your previous iPhone and activate it for free from iTunes.

For all those in Europe:

  • The 16GB model is available in UK, Germany and France.
  • In UK, the 16GB iPhone is priced for £329 in addition to the £269 for 8GB model.
  • In Germany, the 16GB priced for £399 €499 in addition to the $499 €399 for 8GB model (I guess the same applies for France). (Thanks Simon & hard for highlighting the error:) )

The mystery remains as to why Steve Jobs didn’t announce the iPhone and iPod Touch’s with double the storage capacity at the Keynote address, any thoughts?

Anyway with the release of the 32GB iPod Touch it is quite imminent now that we will soon see a 32GB iPhone, any guesses for when Apple will announce the 32GB iPhone?

Thanks Veni for the tip!

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