Native iPhone Applications: New Features make Navizon an even closer Emulation of Real GPS

One of the most popular native third party iPhone Application has been Navizon’s Virtual or faus GPS for the iPhone thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS) feature missing from iPhone’s rich feature list.

Navizon has introduced some new features to its Virtual GPS iPhone application, one of most interesting of them called “moving mode” that will update your location every 10 seconds, thus providing an even closer emulation of real GPS.

In the latest version of iPhone firmware 1.1.3, you can now pinpoint your location using Google Maps application which in turn uses Wi-Fi base stations and cell tower triangulation with the introduction of the "Locate me" feature. However, the only drawback with this is unlike real GPS you need to keep hitting the "Locate me" button to get your updated location which can be very cumbersome.

Navizon is a similar software-only wireless positioning system which
triangulates signals broadcasted from Wi-Fi access points and Cellular
towers. It is based on a collaborative database where users who have a
GPS device can contribute data on Cell towers and Wi-Fi access points
so that other members of the community can simulate a Virtual GPS on
their phone. A new version of Navizon has been released today with some exciting new features.

One of the most interesting features of the new version is the Navigation panel, or "Slider" which can stay on top of the Maps and will give you full control of the application while your position is being displayed. If you click on "Moving mode" and your location will be updated every 10 seconds thus providing an even closer emulation of real GPS.

With the Navigational panel, Navizon allows you to start or stop location tracking, access settings and more.

With this version you can add your friends to your Buddy list with a click of a button thanks to the Buddy Finder feature. You can then click on "Buddies" to see where they are on a map. To add one of your friends, just click on the button "Add Buddy", enter your email address and your friend’s email. Your friend will receive an notification with a link to click on and you will be able to see each other’s location (if you are worried about privacy don’t worry there are settings available to control this).

Navizon can now run in the background while you are doing other things with your iPhone. When Navizon is running in the background, you should see a small icon displayed in the upper-right corner and also means it will be sending your location to the server so that your friends can see where you are using the Buddy Finder feature.

Another interesting feature introduced in the new version of Navizon is "Navizon alerts", this is how it works:

"With this feature, you can create a circle anywhere
on the map defining a geographic region (like shown on the picture).
Then each time you (or any of your buddies) enters or gets out of this
area and email can be sent to the address of your choice with a custom

Navizon’s new version works on all firmware versions and can be installed by adding our repository to Installer. If you have the Installer app installed on your Jailbroken iPhone, launch the Installer, go in Sources then "Edit" -> "Add" and enter

Check out the video demonstration of the new release below: