iPhone Dev Team reveal more details about their method to Jailbreak iPhone using iTunes

The iPhone Dev Team had released a video to demonstrate a method to Jailbreak iPhone via iTunes.

The video had shown hackers using iTunes to restore the iPhone to an already-jailbroken and activated iPhone running firmware 1.1.4. This has been possible by pre-hacking the iPhone software bundle (the ipsw file) that is restore the iPhone.

The iPhone Dev Team have released some more interesting details on their Jailbreaking method.

If you are new to the iPhone hacking world then here is some info that will help. When you want to customize your iPhone to add custom ringtones, change wallpaper, or install unauthorized third-party applications on your iPhone, you need to perform a task called "jailbreaking". In essence it opens up your iPhone’s file system so it can be accessed from your computer.

The iPhone Dev Team are calling their new jailbreaking method the "Pwnage Project". Here is what they have to say about the project "Pwnage is based on an exploit found in the lower levels of the iPhone/iTouch bootloader. We can now “pwn” Apple by patching the device to allow unsigned code. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities."

This will allow them to do things like installing custom made .ipsw files using iTunes. So if I am getting it right what they are trying to tell us is that once a user has pwned their iPhone you will be able to select a jailbroken version of the firmware and install it via iTunes so in essence you will no longer need to continuously jailbreak the iPhone every time Apple released a new version of the firmware.

As per iPhone Dev Team’s website they plan to release two tools as part of this project:

  • iPwner – tool to make your iPhone/iTouch “pwned”. You will have to use this tool just once.
  • IPSW Builder – by using this tool you will be able to modify the .ipsw filesystem, i.e. pre-jailbreak, pre-unlock, pre-activate, and create a complete custom .ipsw installation. In case you are already unlocked you can even tell it to disable the baseband update, just in case. Restore or Update from iTunes with custom .ipsw file.

The tools are currently being tested and will be available to public shortly. It will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this as they will definitely look to fix the exploit in upcoming firmware releases. Check out iPhone Dev Team’s website here for more details.

Anyway, if you cannot wait for this jailbreak method to be released then you can check out this post: Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone and to Fix the YouTube Problem.

Breaking News: iPhone Dev Team release the Pwnage Tool


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