Native iPhone App: IMGrab lets you Download Images from iPhone’s Safari browser

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A new day and a new native iPhone Application to tell you folks about. This nifty little application seems to have got lost in the blogosphere as seems to have been released almost a month back.

The native iPhone Application is called IMGrab, it lets you save images from websites while you are surfing with your iPhone’s Safari browser directly to your iPhone’s Camera Roll, letting you do things like browse for wallpapers and instantly download and use them right on the iPhone.

We have already seen how some of the missing features on the iPhone have been addressed using igenious solutions. One good example has been iCopy which brings the much needed Copy and Paste functionality to the iPhone.

IMGrab is looking to address another such missing feature in the iPhone, just like you have the option to save images on your desktop or laptop while surfing the web, IMGrab also allows you to save images from websites while surfing with iPhone’s Safari browser directly to your iPhone’s Camera Roll so that like you can set the images as your iPhone’s wallpapers instantly.

Here is how IMGrab works if you have it installed on your iPhone:

  • Assume you are surfing the web with iPhone’s Safari browser and you come across an image you want to set as your wallpaper, view the image in Full size.
  • Then close your iPhone’s Safari browser and open IMGrab.
  • Select "Import History" and the URL of the image you just viewed in Full Size should be on the top.
  • Select the URL and hit "Confirm".
  • Your image should come up on the screen. (as can be seen from the screenshot below)
  • Hit "Save".
  • After it is saved, you can find it in your "Camera Roll".

Native iPhone Application - IMGrab

In order to install IMGrab on your iPhone, you will need a Jailbroken iPhone with the Installer App installed. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone you can check out this post: Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone.

On your Jailbroken iPhone which has Installer app, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Add software repository to Installer app (for iPhone firmware 1.1.4 only) if you haven’t already (for this start up the Installer app, click on the "Sources" button on the bottom right, then hit "Edit" in the upper right corner, you should see the "Refresh" button replaced with the "Add" button in the upper left corner, hit that and enter the URL provided).
  • You also need the latest version of Jiggy Runtime .26 or above for this application. You can add the Jiggy Runtime by adding this URL in Installer app resources as explained above. Once the sources are refreshed you will see two new packages under the “Development” category. Install the one called Jiggy Runtime.
  • After the repositories are successfully installed/refreshed, you should be able to install IMGrab from the A27 DevTeam Fight Club category.

PS: EIC forum member, x999x,  has patched IMGrab’s software repository so that it works with iPhone firmware 1.1.4 (thanks x999x). If you are using an older iPhone firmware then you can probably try adding instead of to the Installer App and install IMGrab from the A27 DevTeam category.

I will still like to see Apple provide a better implementation of this feature in the future firmware updates but till then IMGrab is quite a neat alternative.

As always it will be to great to know if you got this to work on the iPhone and your feedback on the latest iPhone application. If you have any tips/tricks for fellow iPhone Hacks readers please do share it in the comments.

[via EverythingiCafe Forum & iPodTouchFans Forum]


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