In-Depth Coverage of Apple’s iPhone Software Development Kit – Part 2

It has just been a day since Apple’s special iPhone Software Roadmap event where Apple announced the details of the much awaited iPhone’s Software Development Kit and as time passes by we seem to be getting more and more details of Apple’s iPhone Software.

In case you are trying to play catch up, check out the In-Depth Coverage of Apple much awaited iPhone Software Development Kit published here at iPhone Hacks yesterday.

Today I have got some more details about Web App Creation tool, limitations of iPhone’s Software etc.

Users can run only One Application at a time:

Michael Arrington over @ TechCrunch reports that in the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines document it has been mentioned that users can only run one application at a time, and if they leave an application it quits which in essence means you cannot switch between multiple applications.

This limitation can be quite painful especially since if you get a call when you are in the middle of playing a game then it will quit without saving if you have to answer the call.

One of the reasons I could think about for this limitation is due to the processor running on the iPhone is not really powerful enough to run multiple applications forcing Apple to put this limitation as a guideline and probably they are yet to figure out a graceful way or provide guidelines of maintaining the sessions of the already running application locally on the iPhone.

I still believe its early days and Apple would come up with a workaround for this limitation as such a limitation would mean applications like Instant Messaging client would be impossible to use as you usually have them working in the background while you are say surfing the web using iPhone’s Safari browser.

iPhone Software Development Kit will also bring improvements to iPhone Web Apps

Along with development tools such as Xcode, iPhone Interface Builder etc, the iPhone SDK also includes a new version of Dashcode that can be used by Developers to create Web apps for the iPhone.

The other interesting bit is that it seems like you will be able to store Web Apps locally and will include a full-screen mode in Safari which means that you will be able to use iPhone Web Apps without the need of the address bar which currently takes up some of the screen estate.

How will updates of the official iPhone Applications be managed?

iPhone’s App Store program which will be on the iPhone post the iPhone firmware 2.0 update will not only allow you to install native iPhone Applications that are available, it will also have information of all the applications installed on your iPhone and will automatically check to see if new versions have been released.

Do the Developer tools work on Windows?

Unfortunately at this point the iPhone developer tools run only on Intel Macs running Leopard. However, if you are really serious about taking a shot at the $100 million corpus fund created for iPhone Application Developers then it would be worthwhile to buy a Mac especially since you can install Windows as well. I guess that is exactly what Apple is hoping for.

Any other limitations?

One of the other limitations in my opinion would be the size of the iPhone applications that you can develop due to the limited storage space available on the iPhone which can currently be a maximum of 16 GB. I would imagine that games such as Spores which EA demoed or Super Monkey Ball which Sega demoed would take quite a bit of space and so you might have to sacrifice storage space currently being used for your Music, Videos and photos for the iPhone Applications when the iPhone Software 2.0 is released.

Please do let us know your thoughts on the latest details available on iPhone SDK and in case you have found something interesting about the iPhone SDK not already covered here do let us know in the comments.


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