Video & Screenshots of iPhone Firmware 2.0

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We have already seen a lots of news flowing in since Apple announced details about their much awaited iPhone SDK last week including the iPhone Dev Team claiming to have hacked the iPhone firmware 2.0 beta that comes with the iPhone SDK and modified it to unlock the iPhone to work with any carrier and run any application.

Today seems to be the day again for news on iPhone firmware 2.0, as we not only have screenshots of the leaked copy of latest iPhone firmware but also a video which gives a sneak-peak into the iPhone firmware which is expected to be released in June.

The video hosted by Blip TV shows some of the features of iPhone firmware 2.0 such as the new Calculator application, the settings screen, the new email setup pane displaying the support for Microsoft Exchange and AppStore icon on the home screen (the program that will be added to the iPhone which will be the platform used by Apple to wirelessly deliver the official iPhone applications to iPhone users).

If the video was not enough for you then you can also checkout some screenshots of the leaked copy of iPhone firmware 2.0 posted by an iPhone developer. The screenshots shows the the mass email deletion function and the Cisco VPN setup screen which are also part of the features to be released in latest iPhone firmware.

Screenshots of the mass email deletion function and Cisco VPN setup screen below:

iPhone firmware 2.0   
iPhone firmware 2.0

In case you are trying to play catch up, check out the In-Depth Coverage of Apple’s much awaited iPhone Software Development Kit – Part 1 and Part 2 as well as details of iPhone in Enterprise published here at iPhone Hacks.


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