Apple iPhone SDK Beta 2 Released

iPhone SDK event

Apple has released the new version (beta 2) of their iPhone SDK.

XCode 3.1, the source code editor for developing the official native iPhone applications now includes the much anticipated Interface Builder tool which Apple had mentioned during the iPhone SDK event. Developers can use the Interface builder to build their iPhone Application’s user interface (UI). The tool includes complete library of iPhone interface assets so you can apparently just drag and drop them onto the canvas for application UI design.

Update: There is some more interesting news on the latest iPhone SDK after the  jump.

We also have news from folks at iPhone Atlas that iPhone SDK beta 2 comes with updated iPhone emulator running iPhone firmware 2.0. The previous version of iPhone SDK had the emulator running iPhone firmware 1.2.

When the iPhone SDK was first released there was some confusion regarding the firmware version (Is it iPhone
firmware 1.2? or Is it iPhone firmware 2.0?). At that time I had given the following clarification:

"If you navigate to the Settings pane in the iPhone emulator included
with the iPhone SDK, you’ll notice that the OS version listed is 1.2.
The iPhone emulator gives developers the ability to debug iPhone applications right on their computer.

Interestingly this unreleased iPhone firmware 1.2 is code-named
“Aspen" which falls in line with previous, ski-resort-related code
names for iPhone OS releases. iPhone 1.1.1 was called SnowBird; 1.1.2
was Oktoberfest; 1.1.3 was LittleBear, etc.

However, the iPhone firmware update which will allow end-users to run official iPhone applications and will
include the enterprise features expected to be released in June for
iPhone users will be iPhone firmware 2.0. It remains to be seen whether
iPhone firmware 1.2 will be released to the general public as iPhone
firmware 2.0 or constrained just to the emulator.

But in my opinion since there is still quite some time left for
iPhone firmware 2.0 to be released, I believe there would be some
changes between the unreleased iPhone firmware 1.2 and iPhone firmware

So I was right as Apple has released iPhone SDK beta 2 with updated iPhone firmware i.e. v2.0 build 5A225c as can be seen in the screenshot below which should ultimately find its way to iPhone users as a firmware update in June (though I don’t expect 5A225c to be the final build). I must admit I didn’t expect to see iPhone firmware 2.0 running on the iPhone emulator so soon. But the release of the latest iPhone SDK which includes firmware 2.0 along with the Interface Builder tool is quite timely from a developer point of view.

There are also rumors that a downloadable edition of iPhone firmware 2.0 will be made available to members of the developer program shortly.

iPhone SDK event

Stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks as the story develops.

In case you are interested, you could read the release notes of XCode here and Interface Builder here.

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