Tether the iPhone to use its EDGE network from your laptop to surf the internet

Ever been in a situation where you had wished that your mobile phone could double up as a modem so that you can surf the internet in a place where Wi-Fi or internet connectivity is not available, then you will love this iPhone hack.

iPhone hacking legend Jonathan “NerveGas” Zdziarski has figured out an easier and more robust way to tether the iPhone to get internet access with AT&T’s EDGE network from your laptop.

Zdziarski has been able to achieve this by porting BIND 9.4.2 to iPhone which as per him "allows you to service DNS when ad-hoc networking to your iPhone, so that tools without SOCKS support for DNS can use the connection."

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is the most commonly used DNS server on the Internet, especially on Unix-like systems, where it is a de facto standard. (courtesy Wiki)

If you’re just using Firefox for browsing, you can just setting network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to true will allow access.

However, like all iPhone hacks you will need to first jailbreak your iPhone for this one as well. If you do not already have a jailbroken iPhone then you can checkout this post: Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone.

Please note that before you try out this iPhone hack it would be a good idea to also check out your mobile carrier’s terms of service as some mobile service providers consider it a violation of their terms of service to tether.

Once you have a jailbroken iPhone, you will then need to follow the step-by-step guide provided by Zdziarski here (on his Mac running Leopard). However, for the not so technically inclined do remember that when I said easier; it was in relative terms based on previous methods we have seen to achieve tethering on the iPhone like the one here.

If you have got this to work it will be great to know your experience/feedback or if you have a tip for fellow readers on the latest iPhone hack in the comments.


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