Pre-Release iPhone Firmware 2.0 reveals Contact Search and Embedded YouTube Support coming to the iPhone

This week Apple released the new version of their iPhone SDK.

The latest iPhone SDK build 9M2158a, beta 3 which includes the iPhone Simulator now has the pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 build 5A240d running on it.

The latest firmware build has revealed couple of interesting new features which we will ultimately see in the iPhone firmware update to be released to iPhone owners in June.

Apple released iPhone firmware 2.0 build to members of the iPhone developer program this week to eliminate an issue in which iPhones running the previous firmware build 5A225c were rendered non-functional due to the expiry of the firmware.

The latest iPhone SDK build 9M2158a, beta 3 now includes the iPhone Simulator running pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 build 5A240d.

However, the new firmware rollout was not just to fix the expiry of the firmware as Apple has also rolled out couple of new features in the latest pre-release firmware which we will ultimately see on our iPhones when firmware 2.0 is released in June.

The first one is a much needed Contact search function (especially if you have a large address book). The Contact search function should work just like the iTunes search feature with the real-time refining of the search results as you type.

Screenshot of the contact search feature below:

iPhone Contact Search feature

The second one has probably been on the wishlist of most iPhone owners. iPhone firmware 2.0 will be capable of recognizing embedded YouTube content on websites rather than displaying the blue question mark. This should allow iPhone users to view the video in the YouTube application by clicking through. This probably has been possible thanks to a YouTube plug-in for iPhone’s Mobile Safari included with firmware 2.0 which we had heard rumors about here.

Screenshot of the YouTube content embedded in Web pages below:

Embedded YouTube Content on the iPhone

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Based on what we have seen so far; it will be great to know in the comments if you will update to iPhone firmware 2.0 when it is released in June.

[via iPhone Atlas]


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