Pre-Release iPhone Firmware 2.0 reveals ability to Save Images from Email Attachments

The pre-release version of Apple’s iPhone firmware 2.0 which is currently available only to members of the iPhone developer program has revealed another feature and probably an extension of the feature revealed last week where we will be able to save images straight from iPhone’s Safari browser to the Photo Album application.

More details and a video which shows how this feature works after the jump.

We know that iPhone firmware 2.0 will include Enterprise features, Location tracking, improved JavaScript performance, contact search and embedded YouTube Support, ability to save images straight from iPhone’s Safari browser and not to forget the host of official native iPhone applications via AppStore when it is released to iPhone users in June.

We now have news that firmware 2.0 will also include the ability to save images from an email attachment straight to the Photo album application while using iPhone’s mail app. As mentioned earlier this seems to be an extension of the feature revealed last week. The feature also works in a similar fashion: just hold your finger against an the image for a longer time than usual, a pop-up dialog will appear (as can be seen in the video below) which gives you options such as "Save Photo" and "Cancel".

With another month to go the Apple iPhone firmware 2.0 is shaping up well as we are seeing quite a few features we have long wanted.

Are you looking forward to iPhone firmware 2.0?

[via iPhone Buzz]


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