Pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0 reveals Import SIM Contacts feature

The pre-release version of Apple’s iPhone firmware 2.0 included in the latest Apple iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) Beta 4 (Build 5A258f) which is currently available only to members of the iPhone developer program has revealed a feature dubbed Import SIM Contacts.

The feature Import SIM Contacts should work as the name implies i.e. extracting contacts stored on the SIM and copying them to the iPhone’s internal storage which is a common feature available in most mobile phones.

This is currently possible by using a native iPhone application called SIMport (though with limited success).

The pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0 has already revealed quite a few hidden features:
Ability to Save Images from Email Attachments
Save Images straight from iPhone’s Safari browser
Contact Search and Embedded YouTube Support coming to the iPhone
Live Location Tracking feature & Improves Javascript Performance

[via iPhoneAtlas]


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