iPhone Software – Muxo brings Subtitle support to the iPhone

Yesterday I wrote about TuneWiki which in the words of the developer and in the words of the developer "deepens your relationship to music via always-on synchronized lyric stream".

Today its to tell you folks about an iPhone software called Muxo which allows you to add subtitles to MP4 files that are supported on the iPhone.

Muxo adds subtitle tracks to existing mp4 files which can be turned on or off. The subtitles are not actually encoded into the video. The developer developed this nifty little tool as a complimentary product to Handbrake.

Once have added the subtitles and load the files on to your iPhone, you’ll get a menu button on the lower left hand panel as can be seen in the screenshot below that lets you turn the subtitles on and off.

Apple seems to have introduced the subtitle support with one of the iPhone firmware updates (seem to have missed it) and Muxo seems to be the first iPhone software out there to add the subtitles to files that are supported by the iPhone.

Muxo currently only works on the Mac and if you follow the forum thread here one of the known issues is that "it fails if you try to add subs to a file that has already been tagged – so only fresh handbrake encodes for now".

You can download Muxo from the Product Page link below.

Let us know if you found this iPhone software useful.

Product Page [via Tuaw]


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