Apple iPhone SDK Beta 4 (Build 5A258f) Released

Apple has released the new version (beta 4) of their iPhone SDK. The new beta build is called 5A258f.

This is the third release after the iPhone SDK was released in March, details of the other two beta versions is available here and here.

Some interesting details of the latest beta version of Apple’s iPhone SDK available after the jump.

iPhone SDK beta 4 includes two primary new features:

OpenGL ES support: The iPhone emulator will now be able to render OpenGL ES in applications, matching the capabilities of the iPhone 2.0 software.

Code signing enforced: iPhone applications will now need to contain a valid certificate (obtained from the restricted, $99, iPhone Developer program) in order to be loaded on actual devices. If a developer does not have a certificate, apps will still run in the simulator but not physical devices.

We will have to see if iPhone hackers can get their native iPhone applications to run on the new iPhone SDK (without a valid certificate). We will also need to see iPhone Dev team’s Pwnage tool works with the latest iPhone SDK.

Here is some interesting details Tuaw published about the UIApplication delegate class  "There are definitely some very interesting methods added to UIApplication’s delegate, including methods for badging the Springboard icon, and methods related to gaining and resigning "active" status – seems like background apps may be permitted somehow". Apple’s patent for the instant messaging iPhone app did give us a glimpse of this much needed ability to run native iPhone applications in the background is coming.

You can download the SDK update by logging into the iPhone Dev center and clicking the download link.

This seems to be a developing story so stay tuned here @ iPhone Hacks.

[via Tuaw & iPhone Atlas]


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