Earthscape to release Google Earth-like iPhone App

When you watch the demo of this native iPhone application (after the jump) you would probably say to yourself, why didn’t someone think of this before? It just seems such a natural choice of application to take advantage of iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen capabilities.

The native iPhone application is a 3D Earth application called Earthscape mobile. Earthscape is developing this native iPhone application using iPhone’s SDK and are planning to release the native application via the Appstore.

The native iPhone application developed by a Boulder-Colorado startup called Earthscape seems like the iPhone version of Google Earth. However, its not a rip-off of Google Earth but the mobile version of their own virtual earth program that they describe as a social geobrowser. They have  used iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen capabilities to turn it into a killer iPhone application called Earthscape mobile.

Here is some background on their geobrowser: Earthscape’s geobrowser allows you to mark choice spots with stories, photos, travel tips, restaurant reviews, Wikipedia articles and other dynamic content. It also lets you see different image overlays of the same spot during different seasons and different times in history such as toggling between summer and winter images of snow-capped mountains.

So with the iPhone version they are using iPhone’s accelerometer so that you can tilt and rotate your view of the 3D earth while the touchscreen to move around and also zoom into the geographic imagery.

The credit for discovering this cool native iPhone application goes to Frank Taylor from Google Earth Blog who stumbled upon this app while attending "2008 Where
2.0" as there is no information available yet about the native iPhone
application on Earthscape’s website (guess thats because it still a
demo version).

Frank notes that the demo version of the iPhone app was running locally and probably the reason why the image refresh were so impressive. The final version of the application will need real geo-spatial information downloaded over Wi-Fi or 3G which could ultimately affect performance. Using the application over Edge would be out of the question as it would take a ton of bandwidth.

Checkout the impressive demo of the Earthscope mobile running on the iPhone below:

This is easily the most intuitive applications that I have come across for the iPhone. I can’t wait to try this iPhone application when it is released.

Let us know what you think?

[Techcrunch via Google Earth Blog]


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