iPhone Accessory – iControlPad will add physical buttons and joypad to the iPhone for some serious gaming action

We have seen some interesting native games for the iPhone such as Raging Thunder that have taken advantage of iPhone’s accelerometer and can expect games like Doom and Quake 3 to be ported to the iPhone soon.

Though all that is exciting news for iPhone users, I prefer the physical controls that are available in portable gaming consoles like Sony’s PSP rather than using iPhone’s touchscreen and the accelerometer.

Some enterprising folks seem to agree and are currently developing an iPhone accessory called iControlpad which is expected to be released soon will add physical buttons and joypad to the iPhone.

iControlPad is an add-on for the iPhone which adds physical buttons and joypad to the iPhone. iControlPad looks quite cool as it slides onto the iPhone like a case giving it a PSP style form factor (just like I wanted) giving the iPhone protection as a bonus. They have been able to achieve this via iPhone’s serial port (dock connector) and a jailbroken iPhone.

The iPhone accessory is still under development and photo of the iPhone accessory seen below is only a prototype. If you notice the prototype does not have Start and Stop buttons but you can expect them in the production versions.

Folks developing the iPhone accessory claim that the compatibility for iControlPad is already built into popular iPhone game emulators such as ZodTTD – Playstation Emulator, Game Boy Advance emulator etc.

I would love to see some serious games released for the iPhone and with the iControlPad, the iPhone has the potential to become one of the best portable gaming consoles.

What do you think?

[via Engadget]


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