Installer App finally gets Search feature

The iPhone hacking community have just released a new version of the super cool Installer app or

The new version of the Installer App now features the much needed search feature for each application category making it easier to search for the native iPhone applications you might have read or heard about.

Installer app is a UIKit based package manager for the iPhone. It works by downloading packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE. It supports installing, updating and uninstalling applications from multiple sources.

Just after the launch of the iPhone, we had seen a flood of third-party native iPhone applications, however many iPhone users at that time complained that installing third-party native iPhone applications was only for the technically inclined. They were not only difficult to install but at times even hard to find.

So in order to make things easier, the iPhone hacking community had released the Installer app to simplify application management on the iPhone over Wi-Fi. It is quite safe to say that it has managed to live up to its promise and is easily the best source for getting native iPhone apps on your iPhone.

Once you have figured out a way to install it on your jailbroken iPhone, installing third-party native iPhone apps on the iPhone is now a breeze.

However, finding a native iPhone application in Installer app was quite a pain as there was no search feature available. The latest version of Installer app has addressed this and now features the much needed search feature giving you the ability to search for native iPhone applications in each application category. The search function works just like the iTunes search feature with real-time refining of the search results as you type.

But as of now the search feature/bar only gets enabled when you select a category. I would have ideally liked to see the search feature to be available across categories rather then only within a category but as the list of iPhone applications keep increasing this is definitely a welcome enhancement.

You will only able to search of iPhone applications that have not already been installed on your iPhone.

In case you already have the Installer app installed on your iPhone then you should get a prompt to install the latest update next time you launch the Installer app. If you don’t have it installed then check out jailbreaking iPhone softwares such as:  ZiPhone 3.0 or iLiberty which will install the Installer app as part of the Jailbreaking process.

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