iPhone Web App – Muxtape brings the Mixtape Concept to the iPhone

iPhone Web App - Muxtape

Though the days of your friend recording a mixtape i.e. compiling his/her list of favorite songs onto a compact audio cassette are long gone,  Muxtape, a web 2.0 application allows users assemble mixtape-like playlists online.

The reason for writing about Muxtape is because this cool web app works quite well on the iPhone.

Muxtape makes it very simple to create your favorite playlist online which you can then share with your friends. All you need to do is register with your email address, upload up to twelve MP3s, and Muxtape creates an online mixtape containing your songs which will appear at the URL "username.muxtape.com". Here is a their sample muxtape.

You also have the option to select and listen to one of the many muxtapes available on the homepage without the need to create an account or upload mp3s.

So point your iPhone’s Safari browser to http://www.muxtape.com, select one of the muxtapes available on the homepage. Mobile Safari will then load the file (could be slow over EDGE) and begin to play it like normal mp3 audio.

Muxtape do filter out copyrighted material by using audio fingerprints (in case you were worried about piracy) and also have the following restrictions: "Users may not upload multiple songs from the same album or artist, or songs they do not have permission to let Muxtape use. Individual users may not create multiple muxtapes. Accounts not meeting these restrictions are subject to termination without notice."

I found Muxtape not only a great way to share personalized mp3 mixtape online with your friends but also as a cool source to find music which others have liked.

Though Muxtape works quite well on the iPhone it would be great to see someone bring the brilliant fluid and muxtape mash-up to the iPhone, which is Muxtape with Coverflow as you can seen in the  video below:

Please do let us know if you enjoyed listening to the Muxtapes on your iPhone.

[via Tuaw]


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