Lextech’s iPhone App to convert iPhone into a Surveillance Gadget

Lextech's Native iPhone App converts iPhone into a Surveillance Device

Lextech have given us a glimpse of their native iPhone application that they claim could change the way traditional surveillance systems are used. 

They plan to use iPhone’s revolutionary multi-touch interface which should make it more intuitive to control surveillance equipment.

More details and couple of YouTube video’s of their native iPhone application available after the jump.

Here is what Alex Bratton, founder of Lextech Global Services have to say about their internal project: "Adding a mobile interface to systems that traditionally required a user to be sitting at their desk will open up many new opportunities. The new touch screen interface will also change how we interact with those systems, creating all new ways to use technology."

He goes on to add that "As an example, traditional surveillance systems use a joystick or mouse to control camera positioning. With the iPhone, the user has the potential of a much more intuitive interface to drag the camera around and zoom in on things by pinching the picture."

They have also published couple of YouTube videos to demonstrate their native iPhone application in action:


In case you are interested to get more details about the application as it gets closer to the release then follow this link to register; else you can always stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks to hear more about one of the most innovative uses of the iPhone.

Please do let us know your views on Lextech’s iPhone app.

[Tuaw via Lextech’s blog, image courtesy Gizmodo]


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