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iPhone 3G

Steve Job finally announced the details of the much awaited 3G iPhone during his Keynote address at Apple’s WWDC 08 event.

Some of the key features to be introduced in the new iPhone are 3G and GPS.

In case you are planning to buy the next generation iPhone and looking for more details and how it compares to the current iPhone, then hit the jump.

The new Apple iPhone now includes the following features or enhancements:

  • The size of 3G iPhone is 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 while that of the current iPhone is 115 x 61 x 11.6.
  • Marginally lighter than the current iPhone. (133 gms of the 3G iPhone in comparison to 135  gms)
  • In addition to black, you now also have a white model available.
  • Headphone jack is no longer recessed (seems to have got a cheer from attendants).
  • All metal buttons.
  • Ofcourse not to forget 3G which will make downloads very fast as compared over Edge. The iPhone doesn’t support "true 3G" speeds, rather it is running on
    the AT&T HSDPA network which qualifies as "3.5G." A simple speed test showed that the 3G iPhone was 2.8 times faster than the current iPhone.
  • 3G iPhone will also have real GPS along with Wi-Fi base stations and cell tower triangulation for better accuracy.
  • Battery life is a lot better – 3G iPhone’s standby is
    300 hours. 2G talk time is up to 10 hours from 8 hours. 3G talk time is
    5 hours. (Jobs says other phones have about 3 hours.) Browsing, 5-6
    hours of 3G browsing. Video is 7 hours, and audio is 24 hours.
  • New USB wall charger.

I am surprised that some features/enhancements have not made it to the new 3G iPhone such as:

  • A better camera.
  • Copy and paste functionality.
  • More storage i.e. as the 32 GB iPod Touch is already available I had expected a 32 GB iPhone model.
  • There was no announcements on the support for MMS.
  • The front facing camera that was being speculated for video chat is missing nor was there any mention of iChat as a native iPhone app.
  • WiFi is still 802.11b/g, so no support for 802.11n yet.

Overall the most hyped gadget ever created just got better (with the rest of missing features it would have probably been perfect). Let me know what you think and if you plan to sell your current iPhone to buy the 3G iPhone.

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