iPhone Firmware 2.0 will have a feature to securely erase your personal data

iPhone firmware 2.0 - Secure erase solution

If you planning to sell your iPhone to buy the new 3G iPhone which will be released on July 11th then the issue reported of iPhones sold as refurbished unit revealing previous owners personal data would definitely be one of your concerns.

There is some good news as AppleInsider is reporting that the iPhone 2.0 software will have a solution to securely erase all your personal data from the iPhone.

We have seen a solution from NerveGas, the iPhone hacking expert who had released an iPhone app aptly called Wipe App which erases the contents of your iPhone and also the method published by Rich Mogull over at Securosis.com to wipe out almost all your personal data. The former was only for the technically inclined while the later was not only cumbersome but also not fool proof.

So it is good to hear that Apple will be providing a solution to address this concern in iPhone firmware 2.0.

AppleInsider is reporting that the solution will not be like the "Erase All Content and Settings" feature in the iPhone Settings that is currently available, it is expected that the solution which is expected to be part of iPhone firmware 2.0 "will wipe data in similar fashion to the ‘Secure Empty Trash’ function of Mac OS X, by which all data is deleted, unlinked, and then overwritten several times to make it irretrievable by even the savviest of recovery tools."

So if you are concerned of your personal data being accessible by someone else (though it would need an iPhone hacking expert like Nervegas) it would be a good idea to wait for iPhone firmware 2.0.

Are you planning to upgrade to iPhone 3G, if yes then let us know what you plan on doing after this latest news/rumor?

[TUAW via AppleInsider]


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