Apple’s 3G iPhone to support Flash?

Based on reader comments on Apple’s 3G iPhone it appears that quite a few folks were disappointed. One of the reasons for the disappointment was that the next generation iPhone like the current iPhone will not be supporting Adobe’s Flash.

We might have some good news coming our way as iPhone Atlas has just published a post speculating that the image on Apple’s website indicates that the 3G iPhone might probably support Flash after all.

If you had thought the announcement of the 3G iPhone would bring at the end to speculations regarding the features of the next generation iPhone then you might be wrong.

iPhone Atlas has discovered something interesting (though speculative) from Steve Job’s Keynote address that suggests that 3G iPhone might probably support Flash.

During his Keynote Address at Apple’s WWDC, Steve Jobs had conducted a speed test between the new iPhone (over 3G) and the current iPhone (over EDGE) to show us that the 3G iPhone loads websites 2.8 times faster than the current iPhone.

Steve Jobs had used website for the test.

On current iPhones running OS 1.1.4, and in the iPhone Simulator included with the iPhone’s SDK, website renders with a picture of a cheetah and the message “This presentation requires Flash. Download free Flash player.” (as seen in the screenshot below).

Current iPhone screenshot

Interestingly, when Steve Jobs carried out the test on the 3G iPhone the site renders the same cheetah image without the “This presentation requires Flash” message (as seen in the screenshot below) thus indicating that the 3G iPhone supports Flash.

Screenshot of iPhone from Keynote

I find it really hard to believe that Steve Jobs missed out telling us about such a major feature of 3G iPhone making me think that this is just a speculation but at the same time I have no explaination for the screenshots that are telling us a different story.

What do you think?

[via iPhone Atlas]


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