O2 will be offering free iPhone with some tarrif plans in UK

O2, Apple’s exclusive carrier partner in UK has released their tarrif plans for 3G iPhone last night. If you compare the options available to AT&T iPhone users, folks in UK seem to have got a good deal.

Some of the tarrif plans even offer the iPhone free of cost. Read more details after the jump.

O2 published their monthly Tariffs plans for soon to be released 3G iPhone on their website.

As you can see from the image below of O2’s tarrif plans: O2 is offering a free 8 GB iPhone or a 16 GB iPhone for £59 with a monthly tarrif of £45.

With a monthly tarrif of £75, O2 is offering either a 8 GB iPhone or a 16 GB iPhone (Hmm, isn’t that a no brainer.)

O2 3G iPhone

If you go for a monthly fee of £30 or £35 the 8 GB iPhone will cost you £99 while the 16 GB will go for £159.

All of this is available with a minimum contract length of 18 months.

The other interesting point is O2 will be offering Pay & Go plans to its customers unlike AT&T which is no longer offering it for 3G iPhone.

Also UK customers can also order for the iPhone online which is currently not possible in US.

So this confirms the news that carriers will be subsidizing the iPhone.

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