Make calls to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, SIP URI using RF’s RingFree iPhone App

RF's RingFree iPhone app

If you wanted to talk to friends who can be geographically located anywhere in the world on a voice networks such as Skype, Google Talk etc using just your iPhone minutes then’s RingFree app is just the solution for you.

The Internet Telephony provider has recently added Skype calling feature in addition to SIP URI calls, Google Talk and MSN Messenger which were already available.

RF is a San Francisco, CA based software company which has launched its Phone-specific PBX service which allows you to place calls both internationally and to voice networks such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger etc using your iPhone minutes.

The best part of RF’s RingFree app is that its an iPhone web app so no hacking or jailbreaking is required nor does it need 3G, so it will work on the current iPhone as well.

It currently does not work over Wi-Fi and uses your iPhone minutes to make a loal call to their servers in Lansing, Michigan (the 415 area code in San Francisco is local to the rest of the country). Their servers then completes the call you are trying to make based on the information you had entered using RingFree app’s orange web-based dialer through VOIP networks.

It obviously is not the ideal VOIP based solution we have been waiting for, but if you are charged only local minutes for a call to a friend in Hongkong, then we will take it.

RF’s service is free and is currently in beta. TUAW has mentioned that RF are planning to keep the basic service free for the forseeable future. They are monetizing it by reselling the service to VoIP service providers such as PhoneGnome and will be offering premium features at a later date.

You can checkout the screenshot of the iPhone web app below:

RF's RingFree iPhone app RF's RingFree iPhone app

To check this out point your iPhone’s Safari browser and register to get started.

In case you run into any issues you could also check out this post on Readying your iPhone for RingFree by folks at

As always do let us know your feedback on RingFree’s iPhone app in the comments.

[via TUAW]


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