iPhone Rumors: More 3G iPhone Details

The rumor mills seems to be working overtime with just two days to go for Apple’s WWDC 2008 event when Steve Jobs is expected to reveal details of the next generation iPhone.

Both Engadget and iPhone Atlas are reporting that they have got information from reliable sources which gives more details of 3G iPhone.

Engadget has posted a preliminary firware specs of the 3G iPhone which includes tri-band HSDPA which will mean near-global high speed data coverage, and an A-GPS unit for the location awareness which has long been speculated.

Engadget is basing this on the low-level hardware and driver information that they have received from their reliable source such as:

  • Infineon PMB6952 / S-GOLD3 six-band UMTS / HSDPA transceiver (as we’d heard).
  • Murata LMRX3JCA-479 tri-band amplifier (we’re assuming for the 3G).
  • Sony SP9T antenna switch for GSM / UMTS dual mode.
  • ARM 1176JZF-S – Main CPU (same as in 1st gen iPhone).
  • Skyworks 77427 chip – UMTS / HSDPA tx 1900MHz, rx 2100MHz.
  • Skyworks 77414 chip – UMTS / HSDPA 1900MHz.
  • Skyworks 77413 chip – UMTS / HSDPA 850MHz.
  • Internal build model number: n82ap (1st gen iPhone was model m68ap).
  • UMTS Power Saving option – on or off.
  • Hooks for Global Locate Library (GLL), software that handles A-GPS related commands for the host processor.

iPhone Atlas has also got a hands-on report on the 3G iPhone from a Vodafone employee. Here are some of the observations:

  • The back is gloss black. (So the back of the iPhone could well look like the 3G iPhone photos we have seen before)
  • The 4 models we have have a black skin wrapped around the back and glued into place. This is how they came from Apple.
  • All are running v2.0 of the firmware.
  • The bootloader hardware exploit is now fixed. (This is bad news for all the iPhone hacking, jailbreaking and unlocking experts)
  • The phone is running V 04.41.01 modem software.
  • The phone is locked down like no phone has ever been. At this stage, you can’t jailbreak it and you can’t hardware unlock it. (confirms what I mentioned earlier)
  • There is an added icon for contacts. This allows you to go straight to your contacts without having to hit the Phone icon first.
  • The GPS works very well. It will attempt to obtain your position via WiFi first, cell tower second, then satellite third. The accuracy appears to be within 3 meters.
  • We were getting a data transfer of 140kbps on average. It dropped down to 70 kbps when we went inside.
  • Apart from that, the “feel” is much the same. The phone is smaller (I would say 20 percent) and it is noticable when you pick the unit up. (Hmm, so the rumors that the iPhone could have a 3.2 or 2.8 inch screen could well be true.)

What do you think about the latest iPhone rumors? Is anyone planning to queue up for the next generation iPhone?

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[via Engadget & iPhone Atlas]


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