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One of the biggest disappointments of the first generation iPhone has to be the lack of instant messaging app. It was even more disappointing to find out that the Apple’s iChat app for the iPhone will not be available via the AppStore when the iPhone firmware 2.0 is released on July 11.

Not surprisingly we have seen a flood of web-based instant messaging clients for the iPhone, the most recent one was iPhone-optimized version of Google Talk app released yesterday. Though iPhone web-apps like Mundu IM do a good job; we needed a native Instant Messenger client for a desktop-like user experience.

Richard, an iPhone Hacks reader thankfully sent me an email to checkout Agile Messenger.

Agile Messenger is developed by, a privately owned ISV headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand which specializes in developing and deploying, innovative Instant Messaging solutions for mobile devices.

Some of the features of the native instant messenger are mentioned below:

  • It can be used to send instant messages, photo, voice and video messages to multiple instant messaging clients such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ & Google Talk from your iPhone.
  • One of the cool features of Agile Messenger is the ability to take photos from within the app and send them as picture messages to your friends which show up quite neatly in its built-in browser.
  • Developers of Agile Messenger have also implemented the copy and paste functionality (something gravely missed out in the iPhone). The functionality works as follows: simply select some text with your finger, click to copy it, then paste it into your text field.
  • As mentioned by Richard it works in the background and will inform you of any new messages by playing a sound and update its home screen badge for messages.
  • As you can see from the screenshots below, the user interface is also quite neat for example: it places your multiple conversations in easily-navigable tabs.

Agile Messenger is currently in beta and is available for free. It is an unofficial native iPhone application which means that to check it out you will need a jailbroken iPhone. Its available via the Installer App via the ModMyiFone source, which means you will not need to add any sources to find it as ModMyiFone source is part of Community Sources.

Agile Messenger for the iPhone is the native Instant Messenger app I have been waiting for, let me know what you think? If you know of a better app, it would be great to know about it in the comments.

Thanks Richard for the tip!

Agile Messenger for iPhone   
Agile Messenger for iPhone

Agile Messenger for iPhone   
Agile Messenger for iPhone

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