iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 could be Released soon

iPhone firmware 2.0.1 rumors

Based on reader comments as well as news reports, it appears that some of the iPhone users who have upgraded to the latest firmware are observing sluggishness in UI, freezing, apps crashing etc while some who have just bought Apple’s new iPhone 3G are complaining that their iPhone 3G’s signal strength is not very good.

There could be relief on the way as Boy Genius (BGR) recently reported that they have noticed some interesting build numbers for the iPhone and iPhone 3G in their web server logs.

BGR is reporting that AT&T and Apple are testing iPhone firmware 2.0.1, builds 5B101 for the original iPhone and 5B103 for iPhone 3G as seen from the screenshots of their web server logs.

They have noticed that testing began prior to iPhone firmware 2.0 and iPhone 3G release on July 11th thus suggesting that Apple could release iPhone firmware 2.0.1 soon.

BGR server logs showing new iPhone firmware

BGR server logs showing new iPhone 3G firmware

They have also gone to the extent of narrowing down the test users to the San Francisco (40 mins from Cupertino) and Atlanta (HQ of AT&T Mobility) areas.

They don’t have any details on what the new firmware update will include but I don’t expect Apple to release any new feature in firmware 2.0.1. In my opinion iPhone firmware 2.0.1 (if released) will be exclusively for bug fixes.

Lets hope the iPhone firmware 2.0.1 update fixes all your problems. Your thoughts?

[Source and images courtesy Boy Genius Report]


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