iPhone 3G Hacks Progress Report

Since Steve Jobs announced the launch of iPhone 3G during Apple’s WWDC
08 event
one of the most commonly asked question here at iPhone Hacks has
been: Can the new iPhone 3G be hacked?

So here you go, checkout the progress report on iPhone 3G Hacks based on the information available to us so far.

Challenges facing the iPhone hacking community:

There have been comments that indicate that hacking iPhone firmware 2.0 (the software that will be running on iPhone 3G) will be not be easy like this one over at iPhone Atlas which told us that "The bootloader hardware exploit is now
or this one over at Gizmodo which informed us that "Apple is preparing up to battle the hackers, with
more and more code running signed and secured inside the iPhone."

What to expect from the iPhone hacking community?

The iPhone hacking community needs to come up with a way to hack iPhone
firmware 2.0 so that you can jailbreak and unlock the iPhone or at
least figure out a way to downgrade to iPhone firmware 1.1.4 which we
all know can be easily hacked either with the Pwnage tool or Zibri’s

Though in my opinion, most iPhone owners will be waiting for the solution that will hack iPhone firmware 2.0 so that they can take
advantage of the latest features in iPhone firmware 2.0 and at the
same time also be able to install their favorite unofficial native
iPhone apps
and more importantly unlock the iPhone to be able to use
SIMs of any carrier.

We have some news on the progress made by two of the most
reliable sources: the iPhone Dev Team who brought the iPhone Pwnage
and Zibri who has developed ZiPhone, one of easiest ways to hack,
jailbreak and unlock the iPhone.

iPhone Dev Team:

To recap, the iPhone Pwnage tool was released by the iPhone dev team so that you can flash your iPhone
with custom iPhone firmware to jailbreak it so that you can install and
run any of your favorite native iPhone applications as well to activate
and unlock your iPhone to use it in any compatible GSM networks.

The latest version of the PwnageTool includes support to
pwn the pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0 that came bundled
with iPhone SDK beta 3.

the last SDK update was iPhone SDK beta 8 which was released last week
and as iPhone Hacks reader, JFA, had mentioned in the comments yesterday "2.0 (iPhone
firmware 2.0) code signing is done even at the kernel level so running
unauthorized apps will be a tougher cat & mouse chase from now

We don’t have an update if the iPhone Dev team has been able to hack the latest pre-release version of iPhone firmware
2.0 which has been bundled with iPhone SDK beta 8.

Zibri, the iPhone hacking legend:

is apparently working on a way to downgrade from iPhone firmware 2.0. Zibri had recently posted on his site informing us that "With the iPhone
it’s more complicated because you will also need to downgrade the
baseband. I already have a very preliminary version of the new ZiPhone
which will allow that."

It will be interesting to see if his downgrade method will work out-of-the-box (OOTB) 3G iPhones.

to summarize, unfortunately we still don’t have a confirmation that 3G iPhone can be
hacked (to be fair its too early), however the iPhone hacking community seems to have done some
ground work by trying out their methods with pre-release iPhone firmware
and seem to be quite confident that they will stay ahead of this cat
and mouse game.

As always you will be the first to know in case we get any updates on the 3G iPhone hacking front here, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks.

Thanks Bryon and JFA for sharing the info!

Update: You might want to read the comment by JFA below where he has shared some interesting details (Thanks JFA).

Breaking News: iPhone Firmware 2.0 Hacked, Jailbroken and Unlocked by the iPhone Dev Team


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