iPhone 3G lines starts at Apple’s flagship Store on 5th Avenue in New York

If you thought the hype for Apple’s iPhone 3G would be tempered as compared to the original iPhone, then think again as the over-eager iPhone fanboys have already started lining up outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York to be the first to get their hands on iPhone 3G.

Wayne Schulz over at Gear Diary reports that "According to police they began this morning. Number one in line is a man and woman with a baby whose goal is to set a record for time in line and the first baby to wait with them (or some such nonsense)."

It will be interesting to see if famous Apple software developers, famous CEOs and venture capitalists will be waiting in line this time round.

I agree with Robert Scoble "waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic."

You can checkout more photos and some tidbits about the people in the line over at Gear Diary.

iPhone 3G lines at Apple's Flagship Store on 5th Avenue in New York