Apple’s iPhone Remote for iTunes – First Official Native iPhone App reviewed

Native iPhone App - iPhone Remote

Apple has released their very own iPhone app called iPhone Remote for iTunes which is available for free via the App Store (which we had heard about it earlier). So it was apt to only review the iPhone app first.

The iPhone Remote works over Wi-Fi and allows you to control the music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPhone.

The iPhone Remote gives you full control all the music, video, podcasts, and movies stored on your computer or Apple TV. To get started you need to first ensure that your computer or Apple TV is in the same wireless network, you will then need to authenticate the remote app with a four-digit code. Once done, you are ready to go.

iPhone Remote app has five sections:


In this section, you have access to your personal playlists including the smart playlists.


As the name suggests this gives you the list of artists.


Just like Artists section, but here you can see the artwork which is streamed directly from iTunes.


The search feature allows you search the entire music library. It shows you the results neatly organized by Albums, Artists and Songs. However, one issue is that as you type though it starts displaying the results, you cannot select it, you can only select once the results are displayed.


In this section you will can access the rest of the media in iTunes, such as video, movies and audiobooks.

You can not only control music on your computer or Apple TV, you can also control your AirPort Express and Apple TV AirTunes speakers from your iPhone using iPhone Remote.

The best part of the application is that all changes in iTunes are reflected in real time on the remote (no delays are observed). Its like carrying iTunes in your hands.

You can checkout the screenshots below:

Native iPhone App - iPhone Remote   
Native iPhone App - iPhone Remote

Native iPhone App - iPhone Remote

This is a very well done application by Apple and my recommendation would be download it immediately.

If you have something interesting to share about the first official iPhone app, the comment sections is all yours.


iPhone Remote v1.1 for iTunes Released


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