iPhone firmware 2.0 to dramatically improve Javascript performance

Though iPhone has revolutionalized web browsing on a mobile phone, its javascript performance is quite poor, resulting in slow rendering of AJAX pages and a virtual inability to use JavaScript-heavy, web-based games or web apps.

iPhone Atlas is reporting that with the latest builds of iPhone firmware 2.0, Apple has dramatically boosted JavaScript performance.

Tests carried out to find out iPhone firmware 1.x’s javascript performance using Celtic Kane’s benchmarks had revealed that the performance was 30 times slower than that of a 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro. iPhone firmware 1.x completed the benchmark routine in excess of 9000 ms on an average.

The test times for initial builds of iPhone firmware 2.0 which is expected to be rolled out to iPhone users on July 11 completed the benchmark routine in just over 6000 ms.

The performance of the latest iPhone firmware 2.0 build is even better, it completes the benchmark routine in just 4500 ms thus doubling the performance of iPhone firmware.

Apple has achieved this with an updated version of Web Kit, numbered 525.18, to render pages in iPhone’s Safari browser.

I am assuming that the performance will be even better on new iPhone 3G as it will have a faster processor than the original iPhone (according to a FFC filing, new iPhone 3G will have a 835MHz processor, while the original iPhone only has a 620MHz processor i.e. 35% faster processor).

[via iPhone Atlas]


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