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I finally got some time from the iPhone 3G launch coverage to check out a few iPhone applications available via iTunes App Store after the first official iPhone app review of iPhone Remote for iTunes.

The one that caught my attention first was WingNuts Moto Racer, an arcade style motorcycle racing gaming by Freeverse.

Before I start with the game review, I must mention that the entire user experience of buying, downloading and syncing an iPhone application to your iPhone is superb. Apple couldn’t have made it easier for iPhone users, it is so simple to use that even my grandma could do it.

Anyways getting back to the iPhone game review, Moto Racer is an arcade style motorcycle racing game, so you have to race through several courses and newer harder courses unlock as you pass the easier ones.

The controls in the iPhone game include a well-placed touch controlled left-thumb gas pedal while you use iPhone’s accelerometer to steer your motorcycle by physically tilting the device either to the left or to the right.

The accelerometer based controls took me some time to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, playing the game was fun. The first course was quite easy, but I ended up decreasing the difficulty level (which is strangely defaulted to the max difficulty level) to cross the next old growth forest course.

You also need to fend off fellow bikers who try to punch and obstruct your progress. It would have been nice to be able to hit back like you have in desktop games like Road Rash. You get the punch symbol but couldn’t figure out if it was telling me I was getting punched or I could punch back by tapping it, and even if was possible to punch back the position (top-left corner) is way out of place, an option to punch back on the right hand side would have been perfect.

You get some help to make it to the next checkpoint from the coins that appear in the road which boosts you to higher speeds.

The in-game graphics (as can be seen from the screenshots below) are very good and the cut-pieces give a nice touch to the gaming experience. You tend to get immersed into the game as you focus on which turn you need to take next.

Some of the issues with the game are as follows:

  • You cannot pause the game to come back and play it later.
  • Once the game has started the only way to exit the game was to hit the home button on the iPhone which is a minor annoyance.
  • The game could have done with better sound track.

The game is a paid iPhone app and will cost you $9.99 which I thought was quite high. I think iPhone app developers should give users a demo version of their app so that they can try it out first. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case with most paid iPhone applications available in the App Store except for Twitterrific which has a free (ad-based) app and a paid app – Twitterrific premium.

Other than the high price and some of the limitations (which to be fair could be due to iPhone SDK), I found the iPhone game quite entertaining so I would recommend WingNuts Moto Racer to all those who like arcade style racing.

You can buy, download and sync the iPhone app to your iPhone via the App Store (iTunes link here).

You can checkout the demo video of the iPhone game below:

As always it will be great to know your feedback in the comments.


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