Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 does not work with iPhone Firmware 2.0.1: So, What should you do?

When we had reported about iPhone firmware 2.0.1 update yesterday, we had recommended that iPhone users who had jailbroken or unlocked their iPhones should avoid updating their iPhone to the latest firmware for now.

The iPhone Dev Team have revealed some more details about iPhone firmware 2.0.1, so if you are still wondering whether to update or not, then it would be a good idea to read the rest of the post after the jump.

iPhone users who have updated their iPhones with firmware 2.0.1 have observed the following:

  • Backup process for the iPhone is much faster.
  • Netshare still works.
  • SMS typing faster.
  • Some users are reporting that the iPhone seems a lot snappier after the update.
  • Contacts app loads faster.
  • Safari seems to be significantly more responsive after the update.

However, here are some of the consequences of updating your iPhone to iPhone firmware 2.0.1 which was released by Apple yesterday:

 As you might know, if you update your iPhone with the latest firmware, you will end up losing all your favorite unofficial native iPhone apps as your iPhone is no longer jailbroken which is required to get the necessary access to install the unofficial native iPhone apps on the iPhone.

 If you were using an unlocked iPhone then it means that your iPhone will be locked. So if you were using an iPhone with a SIM from some other carrier then it would make your iPhone unusable, also termed as "iBrick" in the iPhone hacking terminology.

iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 currently does not work with iPhone firmware 2.0.1, so you will not be able to pwn your iPhone running firmware 2.0.1 to jailbreak and unlock it.

The iPhone Dev Team have observed that iPhone firmware 2.0.1 also updates iPhone 3G baseband.

It means that even if the iPhone Dev Team release an updated version of their Pwnage Tool to unlock iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.0, it will not be able to unlock iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.0.1 as the baseband has also been updated. So you run the risk of your iPhone 3G being rendered un-lockable until the iPhone Dev Team get around to unlocking the iPhone 3G baseband bundled iPhone firmware 2.0.1.

The iPhone Dev Team are working to release an updated version of their Pwnage Tool such that you have all the improvements that have been observed with firmware 2.0.1 update minus the iPhone 3G baseband update.

If you are still confused then the iPhone Dev team have summarized what you should be doing in layman’s terms based on the type of iPhone user quite well.

  • If you own a first generation (2G iPhone), no matter what you do
    now, you don’t have to worry, the next PwnageTool will get you where
    you want even if it you prematurely updated. 2G is completely pwned at
    every conceivable level and you’ll always be OK.  But if you own a 3G
    iPhone and are looking for unlock in the near future, don’t use Apple’s
    update yet!
  • If your 3G iPhone is on a regular contract and you always plan to be with the carrier then you can update but you will lose the jailbreak and access to third party (non AppStore) applications.
  • If your 3G iPhone is not on a regular contract and you plan to use
    it on an alternative network to the carrier that supplied it then do not update unless you do it with the impending PwnageTool update.

Assuming that you read this post before planning to update your iPhone with the latest firmware then do let us know what you plan to do?

[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]


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