iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 Released for Bug Fixes

iPhone firmware 2.0.1 news

Apple has just released iPhone firmware 2.0.1 which we had heard about couple of weeks back.

The latest firmware update is a 249 Mb file, and you should be able to download it by clicking on the update button in the summary tab in iTunes. The update is available for iPod Touch users as well.

If you wondering whether or not you should update to the latest firmware then check the details after the jump.

If you have jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone then it is recommended that you do NOT update your iPhone with the latest firmware at least until the iPhone Dev Team do not release the latest version of their Pwnage Tool which can hack iPhone firmware 2.0.1.

It appears that the release is exclusively for bug fixes as that is
the only thing that seems to be listed in the change logs. I will let
you know as we get more details.

Thanks a ton Alain G for the tip!

iPhone firmware 2.0.1 released

Update 1:

Based on initial reports, iPhone users have observed the following so far:

  • Backup process for the iPhone is much faster.
  • Netshare still works.
  • SMS typing faster.
  • Some users are reporting that the iPhone seems a lot snappier after the update.
  • iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool does not work with iPhone firmware 2.1 so as recommended earlier if you have jailbroken or unlocked your iPhone then do NOT update.
  • Contacts app loads faster.
  • Safari seems to be significantly more responsive after the update.

Update 2:

Some iPhone users have reported having problems applying the update. So if you received an error -19 or a
different error message that prevents the update to the latest firmware, try
turning off automatic syncing, then quit iTunes and disconnect your
phone. Then launch iTunes again, wait for it to find your phone, and try the
update again.

If that does not help, you can also checkout the tips suggested by Apple in this Knowledge Base article.

Please do let us know if you have observed any improvements or changes or you can confirm any of the initial observations.


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