iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Released to Probably Fix Bugs in iPhone 3G [Updated]

Apple has just released iPhone firmware 2.0.2 to probably fix bugs in iPhone 3G. The latest firmware update is a 248.7 MB file, and you should be able to
download it by clicking on the update button in the summary tab in
iTunes. The update is available for iPod Touch users as well.

If you wondering whether or not you should update to the latest firmware then check the details after the jump.

If you have jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone
then it is recommended that you do NOT update your iPhone with the
latest firmware at least until the iPhone Dev Team do not release the
latest version of their Pwnage Tool which can hack iPhone firmware 2.0.2.

It appears that the release is exclusively for bug fixes as that is
the only thing that seems to be listed in the change logs and as mentioned earlier could be probably fixing bugs in iPhone 3G. I will let
you know as we get more details.

iPhone firmware 2.0.2 released

Update 1:

The patch seems to be quite timely, if you consider this post by Mac Rumors earlier today which claims that an Mac Rumors reader received a response from Steve Jobs himself for an email complaint he had made about the iPhone 3G connectivity issues. The email response was as follows:

We are working on some bugs which affect around 2% of the iPhones shipped, and hope to have a software update soon.


However, it is still too early to confirm if the update fixes iPhone 3G connectivity issues which Steve Jobs has mentioned affects around 2% of the iPhones. But, there are some iPhone users reporting of things being faster.

Update 2:

Based on initial reports, iPhone users have observed the following so far:

  • Couple of iPhone users have suggested that they are seeing better 3G reception.
  • Netshare still works.
  • Some users are reporting that everything seems snappier (similar to that observed with iPhone firmware 2.0.1 so could be subjective).

Update 3:

A new option seems to have cropped up (still to be confirmed) under Settings -> Safari called "Databases" just below Accept Cookies as seen in the screenshot below:

Databases option in Safari   
Databases option in Safari - Screen 2

Based on the second screen on the right, this new "Databases" option in Safari seems to be related to the cool feature I had mentioned about Google Translate for iPhone which uses a client-side data-store on the iPhone to store your past translations so you can always have them available for future reference even without a data connection.

Update 4:

iPhone users have observed the following so far:

  • The address book lag issues seem to be fixed.
  • Text messaging appears to be snappier  (again subjective).
  • Some iPhone users have observed faster backups. Wired.com is reporting that  after adding an application, backup took 1 minute and 40 seconds on iPhone running firmware 2.0.2, while it took 3 minutes on firmware 2.0.1 and 6 minutes on iPhone firmware 2.0.
  • We already know this but the update will remove jailbreak iPhone apps.
  • There is no new features in Settings apps.
  • There are some iPhone users who are claiming that iPhone 3G connectivity has improved but at the same time there are some reporting that it hasn’t improved.
  • Email deletion is faster post the firmware update.
  • Some users report faster browsing, though this may be due to cleared cache.

Update 5:

The "Databases" option in the Settings app definitely exists though I am not sure if its
something new in this firmware update. If you don’t see this option on your iPhone, you can point your iPhone’s Safari browser to translate.google.com and try out some translations. After that you should be able to see "Databases" in the Settings app, tapping it will display GoogleTranslatePhrases in an Edit screen which in turn will display the Used and Max Size (max size is 5 MB) of the client-side data-store.

This means that any iPhone web app using a client-side data-store on the iPhone will show up under this setting. This setting gives users the ability to delete the client-side data-store created by iPhone web apps from the edit screen.

Update 6:

iPhone Hacks readers, SaMirakle & Ashraj Dhindsa, have pointed out that they see "Databases" option in iPhone firmware 2.0.1 as well. Thanks guys for letting us know.

The “Update All” button seems to have been removed from iPhone App Store’s Update section. 

What about you? Have you observed any improvements or changes?


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