iPhone 3G Overheats and ends up Burning User’s Leg

This has got to be one of the freakiest incidents involving the iPhone. A member of Mac Rumors forums claims that he fell asleep with the iPhone 3G in his pant pocket and woke up with extreme pain.

When he pulled out the iPhone 3G out of his pocket, it was apparently burning hot and had ended up burning his leg.

He also claims that it has melted the plastic at the back of iPhone 3G and even damaged the dock connector port.

However, the iPhone is still functional which indicates that the internal components are intact. But with the dock connector damaged, I guess the phone is useless as it cannot be neither charged nor synced.

He says that he had disabled 3G as well as push services and the screen was set to
auto-lock in a minute, so the iPhone ideally shouldn’t have been active.

He has also published photos to confirm his story which can be seen below:

If this is indeed true, then it appears to be a one off defect as this is the first time we are hearing about such an incident with the iPhone.

The good news is that Apple customer service has assured him that they
will replace his damaged iPhone.

Have you ever noticed your iPhone overheating?

[via Mac Rumors forums]


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