First Screenshots of Nike+ iPhone App Revealed [Updated]

Nike's iPhone App Screenshot has published screenshots of what they claim to be Nike’s upcoming running app for iPhone. If this rumor turns out to be true, then we could soon see Nike+ work on the iPhone.

iPhone users have been asking for this ever since the first generation iPhone was released last year.

You can checkout the details and screenshots courtesy after the jump.

The Nike+iPod Sports Kit is a running accessory for iPod Nano which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run. The Nike+iPod consists of a small accelerometer embedded in a shoe, which communicates with a receiver plugged into an iPod nano. You can then use iTunes to view the walk or run history.

The screenshots of Nike’s iPhone app indicates that users will be able see their workout data and also compare the performance such as speed, distance, and calories burned — by run, by week, or by month right on the iPhone which was earlier available only on the web.

Nike's iPhone App Screenshot

Nike's iPhone App Screenshot - 6

Nike's iPhone App Screenshot - 1   
Nike's iPhone App Screenshot - 3

Nike's iPhone App Screenshot - 5   
Nike's iPhone App Screenshot - 8

The screenshot above also reveals the integration of the iPhone App with Google Maps which I am guessing will highlight the routes of your training session.

Other than the idea of wearing the iPhone as an armband like the iPod Nano, Nike’s app seems to be an iPhone app to watch out for.

Update (21st Aug, 2008):

Apple Insider believes that though Apple and Nike are working together to release an iPhone app, the screenshots published by are fake based on their sources familiar with Nike+ initiative.

Thanks George for the tip.

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[ via Gizmodo]



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