NullRiver’s iPhone App is Available in App Store again and It’s Gone Again [Updated]

I had just posted that NullRiver’s iPhone App – NetShare briefly brought 3G/EDGE Tethering for iPhone only to be pulled down from the App Store after being available for 20 minutes.

NetShare basically turns your iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot,
thus enabling your laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled device to surf the
internet using your iPhone’s data connection.

iPhone Hacks readers, Moy and Mike, tipped us in the comments that NetShare has reappeared in App Store (thanks guys). Mac Rumors confirms this breaking news here.

More details including the download link available after the jump.

However, NetShare seems to be available only via the direct link as
it still does not show up in the search results (also observed by
iPhone hacks reader, kingof9x).
Nullriver’s website still reads the message I had mentioned in my
earlier post that they’re not quite sure why Apple took down the
application yet. 

In the meantime, you can download NetShare using this iTunes link as long as it is available (last time it was available only for 20 mins).

Update 1:

Mac Rumors notes that NetShare does not appear to work with all
traffic (such as AIM or even mail), but does work for web browsing.

Update 2:

Mac users can checkout this detailed tutorial on how to set up the app as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Windows users might want to stay tuned here as iPhone hacks reader, Moy, is figuring out a way to get it to work with Windows. Windows users might want to delay buying the app until it is sorted out.

Update 3:

Firefox/Camino users facing a problem can try following instructions suggested by tico24, a Mac Rumors user:

  • In Firefox (3):

  • Go to Firefox >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Network

  • Click on ‘Settings’

  • Clck on ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’

  • Enter the IP address against SOCKS Host.

As for Windows users, Moy informs us in the comments (thanks again):

I just emailed. Nullriver. they told me in an email that instructions for windows are comping soon.

Some advice from folks at Nullriver which you need to be mindful of before over using this app:

"Also be aware that contracts/carriers vary in what they offer from
country to country, please be careful your service doesn’t have a
metered limit, that if you go over may incur extra costs for you."

Update 4:

iPhone Hacks reader, LD has just found a blog which has instructions on how to setup NetShare for Windows users (link here), so let us know how it goes.

Thanks LD for finding that one out.

Update 5 (2nd Aug):

Nullriver’s NetShare app is gone, its no longer available via the AppStore. The iTunes link gives an error message saying:

"Your request could not be completed.

The item you have requested is not currently available."

There is still no official news on why it was removed. Nullriver also seems clueless, here is their official statement on their site:

"Apple has taken it down again, with no explanation yet again."

I have also updated the title of the post to reflect the current situation. Hopefully you were lucky this time round to grab the application while it was available.

Thanks Bill for the heads up.

Update 6:

NullRiver working with Apple to get NetShare back up on the App Store

Stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks for any further updates.


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