iPhone App Store Deals

iPhone App Store Deals

Apple’s iTunes App Store has been a resounding success, Steve Jobs had reported during Apple’s Special Event earlier in the month that more than 100 million iPhone Apps had been downloaded within two months of its launch.

You might have already read about some amazing success stories from iPhone developers.

However, with increasing competition, it is also becoming harder for developers to get their applications noticed. So some developers have started reducing prices to boost sales or to keep the momentum going.

You can checkout some great deals on iPhone Apps after the jump.

Freeverse games

Freeverse has reduced the pricing of all their iPhone apps and games such as Big Bang Board Games, Big Bang Sudoku, Flick Bowling, Monkey Lab and the most popular MotoChaser which we have reviewed here to $4.99.

Click here to go to their App Store page.

Moo Cow Music

Moo Cow Music are offering all their music iPhone apps for a bargain to celebrate the release of their new music iPhone app Guitarist for limited time.

Moo Cow Music are currently offering Band for $1.99 instead of $5.99, Pianist for $1.99 instead of $5.99 and Guitarist for $2.99 instead of $5.99.

Click here to go to their App Store page.


BriteMac has announced special pricing for their JetSet iPhone expense tracker. As per Steve Sande over at TUAW:

"There are a number of other expense managers for iPhone, but I use JetSet for some specific features — the ability to capture iPhone photos of receipts and attach them to expenses, being able to export expense information to Google spreadsheets or to Excel, and global expense views that "package" expenses that are for a particular project or trip."

BriteMac is offering JetSet for promotional price of $4.99, five dollars off of the regular App Store price of US$9.99.

Click here to go to JetSet’s App Store page.


Trism is a popular gravity-based tile puzzle game developed by DemiForce.

The $4.99 game is on sale and is currently available for $2.99.

Click here to go to Trism’s App Store page.


Sketches is an iPhone app for drawing and annotating. Version 1.3 introduces text input, a new tip system, and additional shapes. It also includes a new Web Sharing export feature to grab your drawings over Wi-Fi.

LateNiteSoft has announced that Sketches normally priced at $5.99 will be available for $1.99 until October 4th to celebrate the release of the new version of Sketches (v1.3).

Click here to go to Sketches’s App Store page.


Josh Anon’s FlipBook offers a well-designed animation building tool. As per TUAW what makes FlipBook stand out from the crowd of iPhone drawing tools is its fine attention to interface details and the addition of the flipbook.tv sharing site for the animations you create.

The $9.99 iPhone App is currently available for $4.99.

Click here to go to FlipBook’s App Store page.


Equivalence is the one-stop converter for all things units. It converts between over 260 units in 31 categories.

The $4.99 iPhone App is now available for $1.99 until October 6th.

Click here
to go to Equivalence’s App Store page.

Do you plan to buy any of these iPhone apps?

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