iPhone Firmware 2.1 Could Also be Released on Sept 9, Could Include Surprise New Features

iPhone Firmware 2.1

When I had reported about Apple’s special event on September 9, I had mentioned that the event will be more focused towards music and that its
widely speculated that Apple will be releasing new iPod nanos and a new
iPod Touch at the event.

I had also mentioned that there are no news or rumors to suggest that there will be any iPhone specific announcements at the event. But looks like we could be in for a surprise.

Ars Technica has just reported that based on their sources in Apple, iPhone firmware 2.1 might also be released on September 9 which could include some surprise new features.  

We have already seen four beta versions of iPhone firmware 2.1 (first, second, third, fourth) released to developers of the iPhone Developer Program, the last beta version released three weeks back.

The beta versions of iPhone firmware 2.1 had revealed entries for several commands the firmware does not currently support,
including cutting, copying and pasting which indicated that we could see the Copy and Paste feature

Apple had also included new Core Location features which indicates that turn-by-turn GPS on iPhone 3G could become a reality as it can reportedly track your direction and the speed at which you are traveling.

The other interesting development was Apple pulling out its Push Notification Service APIs in the fourth beta version of iPhone firmware 2.1 for "further development" that would have allowed applications to process notifications in the background.

Ars Technica has reported that as per their sources, other than the speculations mentioned above, there were some parts to iPhone firmware 2.1 that were specifically removed from beta versions that were seeded to developers to keep them secret from the world.

The fact that the last beta version of firmware 2.1 was released three weeks back (August 17, 2008) also indicates it could well have been declared the Gold Master in anticipation of the upcoming release.

The surprise element has definitely got me excited and I am looking forward to Apple’s special event on September 9th but share the concern raised by Ars Technica that it also means there will be features released in firmware 2.1 that have not been widely tested outside of Apple.

I guess most iPhone users would like to see issues such as dropped calls, slow iPhone syncs, iPhone apps crashing issues, 3G reception issues, Apple Logo Screen of Death problem are resolved in the latest iPhone firmware with new features just as a bonus.

If the news of the iPhone firmware 2.1 has got you worried on the iPhone Hacking front, then you may breathe easy as the iPhone Dev Team had informed us that their Pwnage Tool works with iPhone firmware 2.1 (tested with the beta 1) though we will need to see if it works with the release version of the latest iPhone firmware.

What would you like to see in iPhone firmware 2.1?

[via Ars Technica]

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