Fix: GPS Not Working After Upgrading to iPhone Firmware 2.1

iPhone Firmware 2.1

The overall feedback from iPhone users about iPhone firmware 2.1 that was released by Apple last Friday has been very positive.

It seems to have fixed most of the known problems with iPhone firmware 2.x.x such as dropped calls, slow iPhone syncs, iPhone apps crashing issues, 3G reception issues, Apple Logo Screen of Death problem.

However, as per this Apple discussions thread, some iPhone 3G users have reported that GPS no longer works after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1.

Apple discussions forum user Robo75 who started the discussion thread reported:

"Has anyone else noticed after upgrading to 2.1 that GPS no longer works in google maps. I get the Cell Tower fix but it never locks onto the gps."

User JDbiz reports:

"I am having a same/similar experience. After 2.1 my GPS no longer works while the phone is on 3g. The map app and any other app using location services will say "unable to locate" this happens even outside. When I turn off 3g the location services work perfectly. Turning 3g back on has allowed the GPS to work about 50% of the time, but not enough to call a true feature of the iPhone 3g since it rarely works with 3g on."

Though most users seem to have reported improved performance after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1 in the forum thread; hitchsaid confirmed that the issue is plaguing some iPhone 3G users, he writes:

"Both my brother and I have iphones and we both updated to 2.1 and the GPS on both our phones were working fine prior to 2.1 Now all we get are the crosshairs- the blue dot is nowhere to be seen.”

Here are few solutions to fix the problem:

Some iPhone users have observed that rebooting the iPhone has fixed the problem.

If that does not help then try to turn off the location services (Settings -> General -> toggle Location Services off). Then reboot the iPhone, and turn on the location services. This has solved the problem for some folks.

If you are still facing the issue, you can also try resetting all settings to fix the issue as it seems to have helped many users. Tap on Settings on your iPhone’s home screen and navigate to General > Reset and choose "Reset All Settings".

Are you facing the GPS problem after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1? Please do let us know if this helped in resolving the problem, or if you have figured any other way to fix it.

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