Carriers in India Offering iPhone 3G on Easy Finance Schemes to Push Sales

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I had wondered if Bharti Airtel, one of the carriers of Apple’s new iPhone 3G in India would be able to reach millions of subscribers with prices ranging from Rs. 31,000 (approx. $730) for the 8GB to Rs. 36,100 (approx $830) for the 16 GB iPhone 3G model.

Rajesh, one of our readers from India had commented on that post to let us know that Airtel was making it easier for customers to buy iPhone 3G by offering easy finance schemes, probably to push sales.

The pricing of iPhone 3G in India seemed to be ridiculously high especially since 3G services are still not available in India. Om Malik had even published a post saying "In India, Either Buy iPhones or Get a Family Car" as the cost of iPhone 3G in India for a family of three would cost around the same as Tata Nano, the $2300 people’s car from Tata Motors, an Indian auto manufacturer, which had generated a lot of buzz earlier in the year.

Airtel and Vodafone, the two carriers of Apple’s new iPhone 3G in India seem to have realized it as well and have tied up with local banks so that customers can buy the most-hyped gadget ever created on easy monthly installments (EMI) to push sales.

Customers can pay the amount in easy monthly installments ranging from $60 for a period of 12 months to $230 for a period of 3 months for the 8GB iPhone 3G model and $70 for a period of 12 months to $270 for a period of 3 months for the 16GB iPhone 3G model. You can check Airtel’s EMI table here and Vodafone’s at this link (in Indian Rupees).

So do you think this will help Airtel and Vodafone sell more iPhone 3Gs, it might, but not a great deal more in my opinion.

Rajesh also wanted to know if we could hope to see price cuts in the near future? Well for that I will quote what Steve Jobs had to say when he received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of the first generation iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale last year:

"Being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the
technology road is bumpy. There is always change and improvement, and
there is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff
date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new
whatever. This is life in the technology lane. If you always wait for
the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you’ll never buy
any technology product because there is always something better and
less expensive on the horizon. The good news is that if you buy
products from companies that support them well, like Apple tries to do,
you will receive years of useful and satisfying service from them even
as newer models are introduced."

I would say if you can afford it "just go for it" and with the finance schemes it just got a lot easier.

What do you think? Do you have such options in your country?

[via Airtel’s website, Thanks Rajesh] 

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